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Layer2-Encryption - Highly Secure with SINA L2 Boxes

Company sites are increasingly connected via fibre in order to achieve faster line speeds. These point-to-point connections use open lines and thus require protection against unauthorised reading or manipulation of the data. However, speed must not be sacrificed for this protection.

The SINA L2 Box secures Ethernets reliably at transmission speeds of up to 10 GBit/s with only a few microseconds of latency. Approved by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for the transmission of classified material up to classification level “Classified for internal use only”, SINA L2 Box also offers companies reliable protection for their confidential information.

Integrating SINA L2 Boxes in existing networks is very easy: The devices are positioned on the line between the provider and the LAN. Changes to the network structure are not necessary. After the devices are commissioned, there is practically no work in terms of administration or maintenance, thus keeping operating costs to a minimum. The remote stations are synchronised automatically and the cryptographic keys (session keys) are changed automatically.

Various versions of SINA L2 Boxes are available for different transmission speeds.

The advantages of SINA L2 at a glance:

  • Certified security
  • Efficient real-time encryption without noticeable delay
  • Latency less than 8 microseconds per device
  • Full duplex encryption with line speed of 10 GBit/s
  • Transparent to VLAN, MPLS, etc.
  • Simple integration without any changes to the network infrastructure
  • Manipulation-protected key storage
  • Integrated monitoring of line status and operation
  • Audit and event logging
  • Remote operating status monitoring via SNMP
  • Ideal supplement to IP VPN solutions

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