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Computer networks in companies are generally not autonomous. Instead they link several departments and sites as well as provide connections to the Internet and business partners. Consequently, they extend across various security zones which may differ greatly in terms of authorisations, threats and controllability.

Firewall systems reliably regiment these security zones. These are filter systems which check and log all network connections across network boundaries. They are essential, in particular for sealing off the company network from the Internet.

A firewall system

  • only grants access which is in accordance with a company’s security policy;
  • must be able to monitor the various layers (network layers, application layers) for all relevant applications; and consequently must be individually designed in terms of components and configuration;
  • controls who can communicate with whom via which protocol
  • offers many gateway functions (routing, NAT) as well as logging and alarms.

A firewall must meet security requirements that are recommended by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Moreover, there are a great number of other aspects which must be taken into consideration during planning, implementation and operation. These include the performance, availability, administrability (simple operation), scalability and – for continuous operation – the fact that components and configurations must be up to date. Not least importantly, the costs of implementation and operation play a major role.

secunet identifies each customer’s specific requirements. On this basis, we develop proposals for a suitable firewall system, take care of implementation and ensure operation on an ongoing basis. In doing so, we are able to make use of numerous products of our own making and from partner companies for all conceivable scenarios. The use of standard solutions makes it possible to implement firewall systems with particular cost-efficiency. In addition, secunet supports you in the operation of your firewall solution.

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Realisation of a firewall architecture for HOCHTIEF AG