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E-Mail Encryption

Unlike an envelope an e-mail provides no privacy protection. On its way through the Internet, its content can be read, copied or even archived at any time – and this applies at all stations involved in its transmission. As a result, security officers in companies increasingly rely on the encrypted transmission of e-mails. This way, sensitive content is consistently protected against unauthorised access.

Message encryption itself poses no great challenge with regard to selecting a suitable solution. Rather it is the decryption of the e-mail by the recipient which is a critical variable.

B2B communication via gateways with PKI

A gateway solution with PKI technology can be used for the exchange of e-mails between companies. The prerequisite in this case is that all communication partners must use solutions which are compatible. Encryption and decryption are carried out automatically between the gateways. All relevant keys of the communication partners are exchanged and stored centrally in advance.

B2C-communication via Messenger

In the case of communication with private individuals or smaller companies, it cannot be assumed that the e-mail recipients possess an adequate PKI solution. In such instances, there are various alternatives available for uncomplicated but reliable e-mail encryption:

1. The message is sent via a web interface, similar to a web-based mail provider, instead of via e-mail. Alternatively, the recipients receive e-mail in their standard e-mail programme with an encrypted HTML attachment. In both cases, recipients can decrypt and display encrypted e-mail in a portal using their personal access data.

2. The message is sent as an encrypted PDF attachment via e-mail. The recipients decrypt the PDF locally with their personal password.

With the right solution, it is possible to lay the foundations for trouble-free, uncomplicated and, most importantly, secure communication. secunet supports you in the selection of a suitable e-mail encryption system. Combinations of various approaches can also be used for this purpose. We would be pleased to provide you with extensive consulting and, if required, adapt the solution to suit your individual needs. For this, we take care to integrate into your existing infrastructure without making major adaptations.

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