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A Powerful Firewall – Modular and Fully Scalable

Firewalls are essential components when implementing network security concepts. As a mature, open source-based security solution, the secunet wall firewall solution sets a nnew standard. It offers compelling functionality, reliability and ease of administration. It provides very high security standards for a low capital outlay. secunet wall is also flexible and scalable to the specific needs of the customer.


  • Fast and easy to integrate into existing networks
  • Ideal for large infrastructures
  • GUI-led, fast and easyadministration
  • CC EAL 4+ certified
  • Stable cluster mode
  • Remote updating supported

New Features in Release 5.1

  • LDAP connection to central user administration
  • Universal implementation of the auditor account
  • Expansion of the logging functionality
  • 64-bit support for packet filters
  • Expansion of the hardware support

The security concept

The basis for planning robust protection of the network against unauthorised access is a security policy that covers all security-related requirements in the security solution to be created. With its experience from numerous successful projects, secunet can provide support with the generation of such a concept.

A suitable solution for your network

secunet wall comprises a solution set of Linux-based firewall components that enable the controlled transfer of data on a defined interface between internal and external networks or between segments of an internal network. The overall solution offers the option of constructing a modular firewall system that corresponds to the current state of security technology in a very short time. The packet filters are the components that provide the actual protective function. The management system enables easy control and administration of the production systems. Monitoring and logging takes place via a central syslog service that can be installed on the management station, for example. The functionalities of the protective systems can be adapted to the required levels with great precision by the management system. Other benefits are transparency of the source code in the software used and the ability to run it on a wide range of x86 PC hardware, from “budget” to high-end.


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