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Identity Management

Do you always know who accesses which systems and data in your company? An intricate user hierarchy that includes customers, partners and suppliers may quickly result in a complexity that is difficult to manage – even in small organisations. Identity and access management provides you with a concise overview of all access authorisations in your company and helps you control them. secunet analysis your structures and develops a concept which we realise with the optimum software for you.

Your benefits:

Transparency for protection against data misuse

End-to-end identity management supports you in enforcing your company-relevant security directives. Administration and revision have a transparent view of all users and their respective user rights. Fine-tuned authorisation profiles and real-time allocation and revocation of rights reduce the danger of unauthorised access to data.

Increased efficiency

You can decrease your administration efforts by orders of magnitude by automating the processes. A single sign-on solution and the quick adaptation of required authorisations by means of a user management system boost the productivity of your staff. 

Fast response to changes

You can rapidly respond to necessary changes such as modifications of your company structure. In addition, technical innovations such as web services can be integrated in a fast and cost-effective way. 

Compliance with legal regulations

Central user management facilitates compliance with legal regulations and directives (Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, KontrAG).


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