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Hardware Security Modules: High Security and Performance

Cryptographic methods are used in numerous applications:

  • For encrypting personal data or credit card data in customer databases in order to meet the requirements of the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
  • For generating signatures for certificates (certification authority)
  • For communicating via web portals of public authorities and banks
  • For generating electronic tickets
  • For signatures in timestamp services

Top-level protection with hardware security modules

The use of hardware security modules (HSMs) lends itself to ensuring top-level security and speed for the encryption of electronic signatures and for the integrity or authenticity of the data. The computer on which the cryptography is executed as well as the required keys are secured by means of sealed housings, intrusion alert switches and special connections. Hardware security modules thus offer security that goes well beyond the scope of purely software-based technology. 

Overview of the benefits of hardware security modules: 

  • Several thousand transactions per second
  • Great number of keys on just one HSM
  • Support of all standard cryptographic algorithms
  • Flexible application options as a result of individual adaptation
  • Reliability and load distribution (high availability, load sharing and load balancing), scalable performance
  • Performant and flexible key management with secure backup of the keys and configuration data
  • Access protection with dual control
  • Performant development tools
  • Certification according to security standards

Choice and implementation of HSM supported by secunet consulting

We provide consulting with regard to the selection of suitable modules, taking into consideration the required technology, compliance with certification requirements, the necessary performance and the integration of your infrastructure and applications.

However, a secure application also depends on design as well as on organisational and operational aspects. It must be possible to optimally integrate the product, with role-based management and reliable operation. Our comprehensive know-how in the use of HSM helps you find the right solution and implement it efficiently. We have successfully integrated HSM components for large enterprises, public administrations, banks and the automotive industry.

We provide training to familiarise your system developers with the integration opportunities of HSM products. Also during integration and operation we serve as a competent contact partner. We can alternatively carry out the complete integration for you.

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