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E-Signature & B2B Integration

Qualified electronic signatures are the basis for legal compliance in business processes. In business communication, they provide legally valid proof of the “authenticity of origin”and “integrity of content”of the transmitted data. Qualified signature technology makes it possible to properly introduce electronic processes and make optimum use of the corresponding savings potential.

secunet multisign - the highly available mass signature solution

Overview of the benefits of secunet multisign: 

  • Proven legal compliance
  • Scalable up to 1 million signatures per hour and instance
  • Supports all data and signature formats
  • Simple integration via flexible interfaces
  • Available as an ASP, rental, prepaid and purchase solution

In addition to providing legally compliant signature solutions, secunet supports you in the introduction of electronic business processes and the integration of business partners. All incoming and outgoing documents are considered. You can choose the level of automation – adapted to suit your situation and the individual requirements of your business partners. The range of communication with business partners extends from electronic invoices as PDF documents via e-mail and web portal all the way to complete integration by means of EDI. Special process solutions such as electronic invoices and industry-specific solutions, e.g. the regulation of business processes for supplying customers with electricity (GPKE), round out our offering.

All functionalities for business partner integration with the help of qualified mass signatures are available as a supplement to your IT infrastructure (in-house) and as an external service (outsourcing). With regard to every single functionality, you decide whether you would like to opt for provision within your own IT infrastructure or would like to make use of the functionality as an ASP service.


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