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Stationary Border Control

secunet offers comprehensive yet flexible solutions to assure a secure and efficient border control process at sea, air and land borders. While passenger volumes continue to grow each year, international treaties and EU regulations, such as the Smart Border program, require ever more precise, more extensive checks of official machine-readable identity documents. secunet biomiddle and secunet bocoa are two key components enhancing border control (stationary, mobile or automated border control applications) based on the fast and secure verification of optical and electronic security features, biometrics and PKI data.

secunet biomiddle

secunet biomiddle facilitates the modular use of biometric system components and passport-readers within the different biometric and eID-applications. Both functions are provided via an integrative interface. This means maximum flexibility and investment protection. Internationally standardised interfaces allow for easy replacement of individual components in the highly dynamic market of biometric technologies. secunet biomiddle communicates with client-applications via a service-oriented interface which makes the middleware independent from system platforms and programming languages. Integration cannot be simpler or faster.

secunet bocoa

secunet bocoa is an intuitive border control application that provides border control officers with a detailed overview of relevant results from the visual and electronic document inspection as well as from background check queries and biometric data comparisons. All results from different sources and devices are displayed on a single on-screen display. The data is broken down and filtered to only show essential information and highlighted problems. Using secunet bocoa reduces the time required for the border control process, allowing border control enforcement officers to concentrate fully on the travellers.

Use Cases

  • secunet bocoa is the perfect addition to the secunet biomiddle middleware to address all use case scenarios for document inspection and traveller identification during border control
  • Supports all state of the art inspection systems and biometric capture devices
  • Provides relevant data needed to perform a check, at a glance, from a variety of systems
  • Available for several border control scenarios - stationary and mobile border control (tablets, smartphones)

Advantages of secunet’s border control solutions

  • Investment security and flexibility through a standard-oriented approach (BioAPI 2.1, ePassportAPI)
  • Modular and scalable architecture in order to meet various requirements – from local pilots up to national solutions
  • Independent from manufacturers, biometrics devices or algorithms
  • SOAP-interface for connecting client-application
  • Fast and lean implementation with minimum overhead
  • Capability to perform border control checks faster, hence shorter wait times

Secunet’s border control solutions meet the requirements of today and the future. We enable our customers to perform highly secure, reliable and efficient identity checks by addressing the challenges for border management infrastructures and throughput with flexible, modular solutions based on the latest standards, offering an optimum of border security at a low total cost of ownership and effective return of investment.

secunet biomiddle

Middleware for Biometric Applications



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