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Border Control

secunet solutions provide a solid foundation for secure and efficient border control

secunet solutions ensure the greatest possible comprehensive protection for electronic identities while providing reliable verification and identification at the same time. These solutions modernise, automate and mobilise ID management. secunet supplies tailor-made solutions and software components that make border controls  highly secure and  flexible when it comes to current and future requirements:

  • With the help of Automated Border Control Systems, also known simply as eGates or ABC-Gates, the security-related workload of border control agencies can be reduced massively.

    • secunet easygate thoroughly checks the authenticity of electronic identity documents such as ePassports and electronic identity cards by both optical and electronic means. The eGate extracts the electronic facial image from the chip in the ePassport or eID card of the traveller and compares the biometric data against the traveller’s live image.

  • In border control scenarios where the collection of large amounts of passenger information is required (in case of third country nationals, for example), secunet offers a self-service kiosk system for the automated preregistration and control of identity data.

    • The secunet easykiosk automates the most time-consuming steps of the border control process by allowing passengers to securely enter the required data themselves before proceeding to the border control counter for further inspection by a border control officer. 

  • For stationary and mobile border control, secunet also provides individual software components and complete systems for inspecting travel documents that may or may not include biometric data.

    • The secunet biomiddle middleware represents the core of many applications when it comes to the optical, electronic and biometric inspection of ePassports, visas and electronic residence permits.
    • secunet bocoa is an intuitive border control application. It provides border control officers at a glance with the relevant data needed to perform a check, from a variety of systems. secunet bocoa  is available as desktop, tablet as well as Android Smartphone solution.
    • secunet IDkit offers a highly secure mobile platform for government ID applications with biometrics (portable suitcase)

  • Using Public Key Infrastructure for electronic ID documents (eIDs) as a background system, border control authorities can verify the authenticity of eIDs, such as e-passports. To verify passport data at borders, authorities rely on having access to prequalified certificates, called Country Signer Certificates, and other public key infrastructure (PKI) data from active ICAO member states.

    • The secunet eID PKI Suite is internationally trusted as a framework system for eIDs. Included among the components which come together to form the security framework for identity documents is an eID inspection system, which allows the exchange of information between states, and in turn the international use of these documents (ICAO, EAC).

All secunet border security solutions

  • make border control systems highly secure, modular and customisable
  • are of consistently high quality "Made in Germany",
  • guarantee a low total cost of ownership
  • are always standard-compliant and thus both flexible in use and globally interoperable

secunet biomiddle

Middleware for Biometric Applications


secunet easygate

Automated Border Control
"Made in Germany"