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Comprehensive test suites for conformity testing of electronic ID documents and terminals based on the latest international test standards by ICAO and BSI

Whether using ePassports for border control at international borders or electronic ID cards in eGovernment applications, conformity testing based on international standards is a key measure in order to assure the security and interoperability of smart documents and terminals. With every new generation of eID documents, such as e-passports, the security protocols and the cryptography mechanisms used to protect the sensitive information stored on the chip are getting more and more complex. First introduced in 2006, GlobalTester has continuously evolved to include the latest test specifications and cryptography in order to issue and validate standard-conform eID documents.

With the test tool secunet GlobalTester and the product family “Prove” secunet offers test suites for smart card protocol testing based on the latest test specifications by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and ICAO. Depending on the product to be tested by our customers, we offer APIs for smart card simulation and smart card terminal simulation as well as simulators for ePassports and electronic ID cards.

Our experts have been actively involved in the standardization of conformity testing of electronic ID documents for more than 10 years.


You can find further information about secunet GlobalTester on our microsite.



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