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Security for connected vehicles

It is impossible to imagine modern vehicles without online connections. In order to offer customers a wide range of services in the vehicle, infotainment platforms will also have to support third-party services such as YouTube and maintain access to the on-board network.

Infotainment platforms will be defined by the following use cases in future:

  • Use of a publicly-accessible communications infrastructure
  • Networking with on-board vehicle networks
  • Use of third-party applications and services on the internet
  • Parallel operation of safety-related applications such as navigation and applications from third party providers. 

This means that control of communications infrastructures and applications in the vehicle is shifting from the vehicle manufacturer to new internet access and applications providers. This makes the vehicle a potential target for known internet threats such as viruses, worms, Trojans and DoS and buffer overflow attacks.

secunet reliably secures online access

secunet has developed a reliable way of protecting the vehicle’s on-board network against such new threats: the Application Control Unit (ACU). Automotive-specific monitors analyse attacks at the protocol and data level and actively launch countermeasures to keep them away from the vehicle’s on-board network. The basis for this is runtime environments that are separated from each other and that have secure, dedicated communication interfaces to the on-board network.

If you are interested in a demonstration, please contact us. We would be happy to arrange an appointment to suit you. And of course we are also happy to advise you on any questions you have about opening up vehicles to online services and securing them. This will provide you with reliable solutions that are based on our years of experience in the automotive security sector and in the analysis and design of secure network infrastructures.

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