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Key technologyfor the automotive sector

Security in the car

The proportion of electronics in vehicles is constantly on the rise. This also means that more and more vehicle functions are being carried out by software. Against this background, it is becoming more and more important for vehicle manufacturers and suppliers to protect these control unit components against unauthorised access or change. Protective measures that are integrated into company processes can play an important role here too. The risk of a failure of such components, thus compromising the safety of the driver and vehicle, is minimised by IT security.

The use of software in the vehicle enables manufacturers to develop new business models for vehicle functions. In order to be able to exploit these competitive advantages, appropriate protection measures must be integrated into the IT and process landscape of the companies concerned and inside the vehicle. Depending on the level of protection required, the mechanisms range from software-based approaches to the development of hardware-protected measures.

secunet - a long-standing partner of the automotive industry

For years the automotive industry has been building its research and development on secunet expertise, which is based on a broad spectrum of experience from collaborating on a vast range of projects used in mass production and pre-production. We support OEMs and suppliers in developing and implementing innovative security solutions, involving subjects such as onboard power supply security, e-mobility security and security for connected vehicles, as well as for research and predevelopment areas.

Our offering not only includes consultancy, development and implementation of IT security solutions. We also offer the benefit of our years of experience in numerous projects involving IT security in seminars and workshops individually prepared for you.

eMobility Security


Security for connected vehicles

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