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You are searching for a certain product or topic? In our alphabetical overview you can find our complete offering.

  • Application Control Unit (ACU)

    Automotive Manufacturers and Tier-1 are enabled by secunet Application Control Unit (ACU) to securely integrate external networking into in-vehicle-infotainment and telematics systems. ACU also provides for cryptographic methods of updating and accessing

  • Authentication

    secunet, together with its partner mgm technology partners, has developed the authentication service authega which is entirely compliant with data protection regulations. authega allows secure online-access to every web-based administrative application and eGovernment-portal. Public authorities and companies have the possibility to identify any applicant securely with the help of authega

  • Common Criteria Consulting

    IT systems must be verifiably secure, especially wherever sensitive data is handled. secunet is your experienced partner of choice for preparing and carrying out evaluation proceedings. For more than 10 years, we have been assisting customers in the evaluation of their IT systems according to Common Criteria (CC).

  • E-Health-Solutions

    IT-security plays a very important role in the public health sector, because we are dealing with highly sensitive data of doctors and their patients. For many years, secunet has been implementing customised IT security solutions in the public health secto

  • E-Mail Encryption

    Sensitive e-mail content can be encrypted at the workstation or at a central location in the company using various technologies. The infrastructure of the e-mail recipient must be taken into consideration.


    The electronic tax declaration (ELSTER) is a project of the German Tax Administration. Its aim is to enable secure transmission of tax-relevant data to financial authorities and, gradually, to achieve complete abandonment of printed receipts.

  • ePassportAPI

    With its ePassportAPI secunet provides a comprehensive, standardised interface which offers functions for all relevant security mechanisms in the field of electronic ID documents.

  • Firewalls

    Firewalls are filter systems which check and log all network connections across network boundaries. They are essential especially for the separation of company network and the Internet.