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EU SECRET Approval for the SINA Workstation

[Essen, 3 November 2017] Following the NATO, the EU has now also approved the high-performance SINA Workstation H crypto client for the “SECRET UE/EU SECRET” classification level. This makes secunet the only German manufacturer to meet NATO and EU requirements for IPsec solutions to this high classification level.

SINA Workstation H has been specifically developed for users with high protection requirements. On the one hand, it offers IPsec-protected transfer of data across any IP networks, including those which are not secure – as a counterpart to SINA Box H, which has also been approved for EU SECRET for some time. It offers unique multi-session capacity: For example, with SINA Workstation H, open data and classified data up to SECRET can be processed in parallel sessions, and stored locally with cryptographic separation. This feature is advantageous for use in the EU environment in particular, as users often need to process diverse classified information from a range of networks.  SINA Workstation H enables them to process this information on a single device, instead of – as previously – having to switch between several workstations. This is why the use of SINA, in addition to security advantages, also offers significant potential savings.

SINA networks can be accessed using wireless or wired media. Professional applications used via commercial Satcom IP services such as BGAN require the cryptography equipment used to meet significant technical specifications. Tests performed by the German armed forces found that SINA Workstation supports applications such as video conferences, even where double-hop satellite connections are used.

“We are very proud of gaining EU approval. This is a particular honour for us and our development, as it demonstrates that first-rate cryptography products from Germany also meet the high standards of the EU”, said Dr Rainer Baumgart, CEO of secunet Security Networks AG, commenting on the approval.

Evaluation and approval
IT security product evaluation for the purpose of approval is performed in accordance with specific Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) criteria, which are based on NATO and EU directives and take into account all the corresponding stipulations of these organisations.

To qualify for use with the “SECRET UE/EU SECRET” classification level or higher requires a successful further evaluation by an additional accredited national security authority in another EU state. The further evaluation in this specific case was performed by the Netherlands National Communications Security Agency.

About SINA
secunet developed SINA (Secure Inter-Network Architecture) on behalf of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). SINA is used for the secure processing, storage and transfer of classified material as well as other sensitive data.

The product portfolio includes various gateways, line encryptors, clients, and management, which have been used for many years by authorities and armed forces, as well as companies entrusted with the protection of secrecy. Selected SINA components are approved for the processing and transfer of classified material with classifications up to and including SECRET, NATO SECRET, and SECRET UE. The German Federal Government entrusts SINA with its most secret data, and uses products in the SINA family to secure communication in many areas.


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