Mission Statement of secunet


secunet is the largest specialist provider of IT security solutions in Germany. With our efficient products and tailor-made solutions, we are making a vital contribution to greater security in the digital world. The long-standing IT security partnership with the Federal Republic of Germany proves this impressively.

Made in Germany

With the consistent development and production at eleven locations in Germany, we meet the requirement to provide our customers with high-quality and technologically leading products and solutions.


secunet’s employees are recognised experts and have a profound understanding of cryptographic processes as well as their practical application. Paired with our corporate culture of openness, this expertise enables us to break new ground in IT security and develop creative solutions for our customers and the wider market. secunet therefore regularly sets new standards and plays a significant role in the development of future security technologies for particularly sensitive information.


secunet can draw on over twenty years of experience of working on diverse projects in the field of IT security. Our strength is our high level of technological competence coupled with extensive experience in providing IT security solutions.


Customers rely on secunet for specialist knowledge and expertise as well as high-efficient products and solutions. We take our subsequent responsibilities very seriously, because the security of the data and infrastructures entrusted to us is our main priority.


The digital world transcends national borders, so IT security is a global challenge and a global responsibility. We therefore also put our knowledge and expertise internationally at the disposal of  our customers.

Customer satisfaction

A relationship based on partnership with our customers is the basis for the high level of customer satisfaction. This is reflected in long-term business relationships - we have been accompanying numerous authorities and companies for over 20 years in matters of IT security.

Quality management

Our quality management we constantly adapt to changing circumstances. Based on our mission statement, we derive corporate goals and from them the objectives of our processes. Managers and their employees are thus motivated and supported to take responsibility for achieving their goals and to identify with our core values.

Stakeholder policy

We commit to taking due account of the needs of internal and external stakeholders. Official and legal requirements will be met at any time.

Continuous improvement

We see it as a duty and a challenge to question the existing and to make good things even better. In this way we want to continuously increase the quality and competitiveness of our products and services.