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SecuStack is a highly secure and turnkey cloud infrastructure solution that ensures the protection of business-critical applications, sensitive data and confidential information. SecuStack guarantees trustworthiness and digital sovereignty in the cloud. Cloud Security - Made in Germany.

Digital sovereignty and trustworthiness in the cloud.

Sharing infrastructure saves resources and also enables companies with little technical expertise and little effort to drive digitization forward. However, security, trustworthiness and transparency are essential to ensure that this does not lead to digital dependency. SecuStack enables companies to retain full control over their processed and stored data.

What is SecuStack?

SecuStack is a cloud operating system and enables, for example, the simple and secure provision of resources for the operation of cloud applications by means of "Infrastructure as a Service" (IaaS). As an extension of OpenStack, it is fully compatible with it. Transparently integrated cryptographic mechanisms now make the transfer, storage and processing of data and the networking of resources in an OpenStack environment consistently secure.

SecuStack thus enables various industries to enter cloud computing that have not yet been able or willing to use it due to strict security regulations or a lack of trust.

All benefits of SecuStack at a glance

Solid infrastructures

With the provision of virtualized infrastructures, SecuStack enables the setup of cloud computing environments while taking over the complete lifecycle management.

Secure container orchestration

SecuStack helps control and automate isolated computing tasks - especially in large, dynamic environments.

Encryption Block Storage

SecuStack secures user data and access restrictions through block-storage encryption

Cryptographic control

Due to the cryptographic mechanisms used by SecuStack, control over all keys is always guaranteed

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Whether utilities (KRITIS), government agencies, ministries, research institutions or industrial companies, SecuStack enables various industries to enter cloud computing.

The connection of machines to digital processes brings with it a wide range of benefits and opportunities, but also an increased risk in terms of data security. SecuStack ensures the provision of a protected digital infrastructure and has a security-oriented platform. This enables the protected use of business and production applications. Transparently integrated cryptographic mechanisms now make the transfer, storage and processing of data as well as the networking of resources in an OpenStack environment consistently secure.

The use of SecuStack creates the basis for sophisticated IT infrastructures for critical service providers (CRITIS) such as hospitals, banks, utilities, etc. Through the increased prevention against attacks, manipulations and failures, we ensure the proper operation of critical systems. SecuStack security mechanisms are in line with the fulfillment of the security objectives confidentiality, integrity and authenticity.

IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service
The basic level of cloud computing is IaaS, because here hardware resources are provided in virtualized form. Whether storage space, processors or network - all computing instances can be added and also removed again in any quantity. This is why it is sometimes referred to as a virtual data center.

The cost advantages of cloud computing are most apparent with IaaS: Hardware in particular is very expensive to purchase, quickly becomes obsolete and should also be set up under particularly secure conditions (keyword: data center vs. company basement). If IT resources are provided on a virtualized basis and in line with demand, users generally make enormous savings.

PaaS: Platform as a Service
PaaS is the link between IaaS and SaaS and enables the interaction of the other two levels. This is because the development and runtime environments for software are provided at the platform level, building on IaaS resources such as operating systems. The other two levels, IaaS and SaaS, are usually addressed by APIs. Accordingly, software developers are primarily interested in PaaS.

SaaS: Software as a Service
With SaaS, programs are provided on demand - and usually directly to the end user. They are usually used via the Internet or a web browser. With SaaS, users can usually save on license fees and also do not have to pay for installation and administration.

Use Cases

Thanks to the flexible structure of the overall solution, many areas of application are possible, including those that may only take off in the near future. SecuStack is flexible in the breadth of application areas and at the same time can be specifically aligned to concrete industry use cases - as the following examples from practice show:

Use Case #1
Use Case #1
Use Case #2
Use Case #2
Use Case #3
Use Case #3
Use Case #4
Use Case #4
Use Case #5
Use Case #5
Use Case #6
Use Case #6
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