secunet edge

Overall solution for edge computing

Digital transformation with a secure platform
secunet edge is a secure platform for IIoT and edge computing and combines three normally separate product categories in one solution for industry. IIoT gateway, edge computing platform and firewall with network monitoring in one.

Our solution

IIoT gateway that connects machines with cloud platforms for
Industry 4.0 scenarios

Edge computing platform on industrial-grade hardware

Firewall with network monitoring and AI-based anomaly and threat detection that secures production assets and even legacy machines

One platform. Many applications.

The flexible environment can be used to cover multiple use cases via an organization-wide platform as well as via just one physical appliance. In addition to existing applications from secunet and partners, own applications can also be conveniently implemented. Important functions of the platform - such as the dedicated Secure Element for cryptography - are available to the applications via an API.

secunet edge - The comprehensive solution for edge computing, Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT

Application areas for secunet edge


The "Connect" application area enables secure connection of systems to infrastructures, processes, cloud services and (Industrial) Internet of Things (IoT or IIoT) platforms. secunet edge offers modern technology for secure communication of systems within production networks as well as with the corporate network and external interfaces.


With the "Remote" application area of secunet edge, systems such as control or automation technology can be maintained remotely. With the overall solution, this is also possible for older infrastructures and systems, even though they do not meet the technical requirements themselves. secunet edge provides compensating security and makes secure remote access and protected remote maintenance possible even after the fact.


secunet edge protects against attacks and manipulations via the "Protect" application area. In addition to firewall functionality, older systems in particular can be hidden from attackers and malware via a "stealth mode". This significantly reduces the attack surface.


In interaction with secunet monitor, secunet edge monitors the security and quality aspects of networks. Distributed sensors recognize attack patterns and detect vulnerabilities and anomalies in the system at an early stage. In this way, attacks can be averted and system failures prevented. "Monitor" is available as an add-on for secunet edge appliances and requires a core system or an as-a-service subscription to secunet monitor.


As a platform, secunet edge brings a flexible yet secure application environment to the edge of digital infrastructures. In addition to an environment compatible with the Open Container Initiative (OCI) or Docker, secunet edge integrates Microsoft Azure as well as various middleware from secunet partners.

Advantages at a glance

The long life cycle and low risk of disruptions make secunet edge a sustainable overall solution for edge computing. The platform approach means that relevant applications can also be connected easily and flexibly in the future.

As an IT security partner of the Federal Republic of Germany, we specialize in highly secure solutions. Therefore, our overall edge computing solution is based on solid cryptography and other highly secure components and configurations.

secunet edge covers a wide variety of use cases - from secure networking in production, to medical facilities, to new digital approaches in legacy infrastructures. Talk to us about your individual needs and requirements.

With its Docker compatibility, which eliminates the need to load an operating system, secunet edge and all its applications can be easily integrated into existing systems. Low entry barriers and flat learning curves for configuration and administration facilitate the changeover.

Large volumes of generated data are analyzed, processed and converted directly into usable information using secunet edge. Processing capacities are conserved.

secunet edge wraps itself around machines and other systems like a protective shell and decouples their lifecycles from the IT environment. Thus, the solution provides IT and OT security without impacting machines, systems or production processes. In addition, its inherent vulnerability, attack and anomaly detection protects.

Thanks to the platform approach, secunet edge grows with the size of your network. In addition, the flexible structure also makes areas of application possible that may only become relevant in the future, e.g. autonomization by means of machine learning.

secunet edge Line-Up
The right secunet edge for your use case

Sicherer Fernzugriff und proaktive Überwachung in der verteilten Energieversorgung

secunet edge ermöglicht einen sicheren Fernzugriff und eine geschützte Remote-Administration bei verteilten und vernetzten Energieerzeugungsanlagen, Umspannwerken oder anderen Anlagen „im Feld“. Mit der gleichen Infrastruktur können Sicherheitszustände und Qualitätsaspekte zudem proaktiv überwacht werden.


Hybride Anwendungen in der Automobilproduktion auf einer sicheren Basis

secunet edge bringt Anwendungen bis hin zu hybriden Anwendungen mit Teilroutinen in der Cloud  möglichst nahe an die physische Produktion. Die flexible Edge-Computing-Plattform ermöglicht dies sicher und effizient sowohl bei Greenfield-Ansätzen als auch im Brownfield (Retrofit).


Abschirmen von Systemen in der Wasserversorgung & Abwasserbehandlung und Nutzung von modernen Anwendungen

secunet edge sichert Systeme in kritischen Infrastrukturen wie z. B. der Frischwasserversorgung oder in Kläranlagen auch nachträglich ab (Retrofit). Neben einem Schutzschirm und einer Tarnkappe für risikobehaftete Systeme lässt sich die Plattform auch für moderne Anwendungen nutzen – z. B. zur Steigerung der Energieeffizienz.


Abschirmung, Überwachung, Fernzugriff, Anwendungsplattform und vieles mehr für die industrielle Produktion

secunet edge ermöglicht oder erweitert Ihre Möglichkeiten an der Grenze von digitaler Welt zu physischer Welt und erhöht die Sicherheit Ihrer Produktionsprozesse. Als Gesamtlösung kombiniert es viele Anwendungsfälle in einer stabilen und vertrauenswürdigen Infrastruktur. 


MedTec 4.0 - Vernetzte Operationssäle, Medizintechnik und Krankenhausinfrastruktur

Medical IT (MIT) benötigt einerseits einen umfassenden Schutz vor äußeren Einflüssen durch angeschlossene IT-Netzwerke, andererseits jedoch zugleich die Optionen für eine umfassende Vernetzung, datengetriebene Prozessoptimierung und die Unterstützung neuer medizinischer Anwendungen. Mehr Informationen zu secunet medical connect.

secunet edge Line-Up
The right secunet edge for your use case
secunet edgesecunet edge extendedsecunet edge High Performance
2x LAN with Intel i2104x LAN with Intel i2106x LAN with Intel i225
1x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.01x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0, RS2324x USB 3.1
Intel ATOM E3827Intel ATOM E3827Intel Core i5 8365UE
16/64 GB secunet CryptoCore SSD*16/64 GB secunet CryptoCore SSD*64 GB secunet CryptoCore SSD*
W / H / D:85.6 / 33.8 / 83.3 (mm)W / H / D:162.6 / 40.6 / 121.6 (mm)W / H / D:162,6/60,6/121,6 (mm)
Questions and answers compact

The focus of secunet edge is on a mature solution that can be used as well as possible in production and other critical areas. Core aspects of this focus are:

  • Cost efficiency through industrial lifecycles, multifunctionality and interoperability as well as minimized configuration and maintenance efforts.
  • Convenience through user-friendliness for integrators, operators and operating personnel, centralized management and scalability, and an ecosystem with carefully maintained middleware and application components from secunet and partners.
  • Premium security through solid cryptography (including a dedicated Secure Element), security-by-design and security-by-default, and reliable updates.

Retrofitting machines with security and/or functionality is one of the solution's most important use cases. secunet edge has already been in use in production environments in the financial sector for over ten years, where it breathes new life into veteran digital systems.

secunet edge covers a wide variety of use cases - from secure networking in production, to medical facilities, to new digital approaches in legacy infrastructures. Talk to us about your individual needs and requirements

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