Highly Mobile and Highly Secure Systems for Modern Police Work

Nowadays, the police increasingly rely on highly mobile systems for identity checks that offer relevant results in real time. Criminals often make use of multiple identities – and if this identity fraud is not discovered, it can sometimes have a serious impact on public safety.

secunet´s state-of-the-art solutions and technologies help police forces in the field to be much more efficient than ever before: secunet biomiddle for example is now available for identity and documents checks using a standard Android smartphone.

The machine readable zone (MRZ) of passports, ID cards or residence permits can be scanned with the smartphone camera and the chip of the ID document can be read to check the document´s authenticity. The app employs an automated process that checks the necessary background systems and displays the result of the check directly on the user´s smartphone.

Thanks to this police forces can now complete a comprehensive and reliable identity check while on the move.