Policy-Compliant Cooperating with Sensitive Data

Cooperation and smooth collaboration within and between governmental authorities on federal, state and municipal level are a daily necessity for public organisations.

However, shared processing of electronic classified documents was previously not possible without media disruption, because document registration only addressed the traditionally paper-based classified document world. Classified documents could be generated electronically but - due to the lack of accredited digital registry services for such documents - could only be received as print-outs in order to be integrated into the inventory of the registry. In addition, there was a lack of a consistently reliable and verifiable implementation of the “need to know” principle when processing classified information.

This is where the SINA Workflow comes into play: Thanks to it’s highly secure, cryptographic architecture, there now exists a flexible cooperation platform for the policy-compliant collaboration on classified documents. The product is BSI approved up to SECRET.

As a result, authorities can now use customised trustworthy digital work spaces that allow creating, distributing, storing and exchanging of classified documents up to GEHEIM/SECRET. This paves the way for public administrations to develop and implement internal concepts for a policy-compliant information distribution on a verifiable security level – guaranteed without media disruption.