For Secure, Efficient and Future-Proof Air, Land and Sea Borders

Modern border control systems, innovative technologies, such as biometrics “on the move”, and large-scale inter-connected information systems have paved the way for fully automated border control: Thanks to nearly complete process transparency and simplification as well as intuitive user guidance concepts, travellers already pass through the border control process independently and with minimal interaction.

The growing amount of passenger numbers and increasingly complex security requirements for border control systems remain to be a challenge for efficient and comfortable processing of travellers. New technologies and processes must be implemented in border control and passenger clearance systems while complying with regulations and considering specific requirements for the use at air, land and sea borders. secunet’s experts are already actively working on even better border control solutions fit for the future:

The Smart Borders initiative of the EU, for example, has the objective of increasing the security on the outer border of the EU and making the border control processes more efficient. To this end, new border control systems will be introduced across Europe until the year 2022: The Entry/Exit System, EES for short, will centrally register and store arrivals and departures of non-EU citizens while the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) will check travellers from third countries even before they cross the European Border.

Supporting our customers through comprehensive consulting services regarding the necessary adaptations to their border control processes and systems in compliance with legal provisions, for example in terms of data protection, and technical requirements for Smart Borders 2020 is only one of secunet’s contributions to secure, efficient and future-proof border control at land, air and sea borders.

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