Technical IT security

Networked machines, linking of different networks, digital exchange and evaluation of large chunks of data: Digitisation and networking are changing how companies operate throughout the world and across industries. More and more information is sent digitally, processed and circulated in different networks. The proportion of information that is classified as confidential usually increases steadily. Business partners and customers trust that messages, documents and sensitive data can be transmitted and stored securely. Many companies strive for agility and want to make data and information accessible from anywhere. They often end up deploying cloud solutions that do not meet enterprise security and compliance requirements.

Due to the ever increasing dependence on networking, the meaning of IT security and the need for a protection zone concept are gaining on importance. Many companies find it very challenging to maintain IT security over the entire infrastructure. Perimeter security, virus scanners and firewalls do increase security, but are far from sufficient. You also need a comprehensive technical IT security concept to be able to recognise threats and respond accordingly. A good infrastructural design can mitigate many attacks before they can cause harm.