Information security is important – this is an undisputed fact.

But who of your employees or audience jumps up with joy when this topic is on the agenda? Often taken as a boring and highly technical field for paranoids, very few would volunteer to attend a lecture.

We prepare the topic as a humorous live hacking show that is easy to understand by those who are not that technical-minded – a far cry from dry and boring slide lectures. Their audience experience live which common threats are currently at the top of the list among hackers. How can I identify an attack? How could I have possibly noticed it? However, the most crucial thing is that not only do we want to show what's going on, but also pinpoint what users can do to make life really difficult for hackers. Our live hacking sessions are flanked by awareness-raising measures with the aim of inspiring the audience and provide them with many tips and tricks for better information security in their daily work.