Data connections can be encrypted at layer 2 or 3 of the ISO/OSI layermodel. SINA L2 Boxes are particularly suited to the rapid and secure transfer of large quantities of data, for example in mirrored data centres, as they produce no overhead and thus offer the highest possible security and full performance with minimum latency. They are therefore preferred for time-critical applications and heavily utilised connections.

Layer 2 encryption is protocol-independent. The encryption at layer 3, on the other hand, is protocol-dependent (IP-based) and thus more flexible in terms of device selection. This means that more complex environments can be mapped at layer 3. It is possible to configure security connections with gateways, stationary and mobile clients. Encryption can be made at both layers with SINA as point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint connections.

Public authorities and corporations can select the encryption method best suited to their specific application.

Unlike the SINA Box, the SINA One Way is not a cryptographic component. The SINA One Way is a black/red gateway. It consists of a data diode and two peripheral proxies used as transfer computers. The SINA One Way allows data transfers in one direction only from a public or lower-level "black" source network to a higher-level "red" target network. The system enables, for instance, the transfer of public data found on the Internet to a SECRET network.