Full Control over all Process Relevant Identities and Data Flows

IT-supported business processes nowadays form the backbone of industry and business. The ever increasing reliance on networks and thus the complete digitisation of value-added chains in businesses, complete industries as well as between various industries demand appropriate trust anchors. Cryptographic procedures and the use of certificates and signatures promote trust between parties and provide control over digital infrastructures.

The provision and management of certificates by the eID PKI Suite of secunet allows the authenticity of the communication partners to be assured, ensures the integrity of data and enables its encryption to safeguard it against unwanted access. This way, it is possible to secure the communication between people, the communication of users and systems, as well as automated machine-to-machine communication (M2M).

The modular architecture of the eID PKI Suite allows flexible integration into almost any application requiring the creation, provisioning and management of digital identities for individuals or devices - including, of course, the automated verification of digital identities. The format of these digital identities can be generated as required, i.e. both in the form of X.509 and as CVC (Card Verifiable Certificate), so that the individual applications in the Internet of Things are taken fully into account.