Data Encryption using Cryptographic Processes

Information protection is an absolute necessity in the age of electronic communication. One of the most secure methods of protecting information is data encryption using a strong cryptographic process. The development of such encryption solutions - right up to security architectures such as SINA (Secure Inter-Network Architecture) - is one of secunet's core competences. secunet encryption systems consist of hardware and software components, standard processes and in-house developed cryptographic solutions. These complex encryption methods enable classified documents and similarly sensitive data to be secured through every phase of their life cycle.

SINA, the cryptographic architecture developed jointly with the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for national and international high-security customers, enables the secure processing, storage, transmission and verification of classified information up to and including German national SECRET, NATO SECRET and SECRET UE/EU SECRET. The extensive product spectrum ranges from different cryptographic clients to IPsec gateways and Ethernet encoders. The integrated system network SINA Workflow, also part of the SINA product portfolio, is the first CI registry approved for German national SECRET classification.

With its comprehensive architecture approach, SINA is an intelligent and, above all, comprehensive solution for almost every sensitive data protection requirement.