Digital Sovereignty in the Cloud

The shared use of infrastructure saves resources and enables even companies with limited technical expertise and limited resources to push ahead with digitisation. However, security, trustworthiness and transparency are essential to prevent digital dependency. SecuStack® enables companies to retain full control over their processed and stored data.

What is SecuStack®?

SecuStack® is a cloud operating system and enables the simple and secure provisioning of resources for the operation of cloud applications, for example by means of "Infrastructure as a Service" (IaaS). As an extension of OpenStack, it is fully compatible with it. Transparently integrated cryptographic mechanisms now make the transfer, storage and processing of data as well as the networking of resources in an OpenStack environment consistently secure.

SecuStack® enables various industries to enter cloud computing that have not yet been able to or do not want to use it due to strict security regulations or lack of trust.

Providing virtualized infrastructures

SecuStack® enables you to set up cloud computing environments and takes over the complete lifecycle management.

Secure container orchestration

SecuStack® supports the control and automation of isolated computing tasks - especially in large, dynamic environments.