The trouble with passwords

Email accounts, websites, Intranet, and the list goes on... To maintain a secure workstation, the user must remember a private password meeting strict requirements for each and every account. According to a Bitkom study, more than one third of all users is annoyed by the flood of passwords. The number of help desk requests due to passwords that are forgotten or entered wrongly several times is high, and this ties up resources unnecessarily.

One login – all passwords under control

Single sign-on (SSO) allows you to automate the entry of passwords on websites, application masks and in almost all other authentication windows. By managing passwords securely (including automatic password changes), employees only have to remember one master password. This can then be correspondingly more complex – it completely spares the need to jot down passwords on post-its or to hide them under the desk pad.

Password-related help desk expenses are massively reduced. Single sign-on even allows employees to reset their AD password from a self-service kiosk without involving the IT department.

By combining it with strong authentication, such as your existing access tokens or smartcards, you can increase your IT security in the long term while making everything so much easier for your employees.