A Holistic Look at Biometrics

secunet is among the leading biometrics experts not only in Germany. For us, biometrics is far from being just another trending topic. Instead, we have been significantly involved in the successful implementation of biometric key projects in Europe for almost 20 years.

We deal with the biometric registration and verification in the context of official identity documents as well as for the identity check and verification of persons, border control and passenger flow optimisation - from research, evaluation, piloting and product development to realisation. We are profoundly versatile when it comes to biometrics:

Investments in long-term partnerships

In close cooperation with the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), we develop standard-compliant products and IT solutions which have been internationally recognised as reference implementation. For example, the secunet biomiddle platform: As core component of many eID and biometrics applications, the middleware, takes over the flexible integration of the application-specific processes and controls the required software and hardware components via standard interfaces.

Cooperation on technical guidelines and standards

secunet continuously supports and impacts the newest developments and technologies through an extensive network and active participation in international work groups. Our experts have contributed to over 50 technical guidelines and ISO standards in the area of biometrics and eIDs. As part of a transatlantic team, we are currently refining the NFIQ2 algorithm for the assessment of the quality of fingerprints.  

Standard-compliant IT solutions and products

Our holistic, standard-compliant products and IT solutions are used thousands of times every day. They simplify the registration and verification process of electronic and biometric identities and ensure the highest degree of security.

Comprehensive consulting for future-proof solutions

We advise our customers about suitable and future-proof biometric modalities and protection mechanisms as well as about measures for handling sensitive biometric data. In doing so, we ensure that processes and solutions are aligned with the respective legal framework conditions, for example regarding data protection, and that such conditions are observed. 

Research with consistent practical relevance

Our experts continuously research even more secure processes for practical use. We deal with current, relevant questions: How must biometric algorithms and processes be designed so that the registered data do not allow for conclusions about a single person - even if the data should fall into unauthorised hands? Or how can we use artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning for anomaly detection and thereby increase the security of biometric systems against fraud?