Security Awareness Starter Kit – encouraging your workforce to develop their own awareness

The employee – the most exposed vulnerability

Protecting information and assets from cyberattacks and hackers is one of the largest challenges faced by many businesses. Employees are repeatedly used as easy attack points to access, destroy or tamper with these valuable assets, so it stands to reason that one of the best way to prevent such attacks is to strengthen your human firewall and enable awareness among your workforce. To ensure that these awareness-raising efforts have a long-term and useful effect, secunet recommends conducting a security awareness campaign geared towards the long term. However, such a project is often highly resource-consuming.

Kickstarting awareness

Based on the their many years of experience in the field of security awareness with many different customers, secunet has therefore put together a package that allows you to independently implement your own security awareness campaign in order to raise proper awareness among your workforce. This means that fundamental topics such as email security, mobile working or secure workplaces are covered and can be addressed using various methods. The different materials build upon one another and can be strategically positioned thanks to the enclosed campaign plan. Materials include for example intranet texts with an associated glossary, flyer, poster and a list of freely available content. Frequently asked questions are answered in a general FAQ.

The Topics

General security

Social Engineering

Mobile working

Secure workplace