The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs of Latvia

Development of a Passport System and Joint Migration Information System for issuing and verifying electronic identity documents

In the context of developing a passport and migration information system the Latvian Ministry of Interior is currently in the process of renewing the existing public-key infrastructure for electronic passports and new national identity documents. In the course of this project, the PKI is extended with a central infrastructure for checking the validity of such documents. As a result, the new system allows for both issuing electronic identity documents as well as their verification during border control and at Latvian consulates all over the world. Latvia is among the first European countries to have the technological capacity to process new-generation passports.

As sub-contractor to the Latvian corporation Lattelecom Technology, secunet provides its product secunet eID PKI Suite. The established solution covers the complete functional range required for the Latvian national PKI: it includes the systems needed for issuing national identity documents in conformance with international ICAO regulations as well as the components of the EAC-PKI, used to verify international electronic identity documents. The product’s flexible design allows for full conformance with the specific requirements laid out by the Latvian government, at the same time ensuring a secure and reliable operation of the system.