Modern Border Control Leveraging the Benefits of German Engineering

Each day, holders of electronic passports discover just how secure but at the same time quick and user-friendly modern border control is at Germany’s busiest airports, where “eGates” have been providing assistance to the traditional border control process since 2014:

As part of project EasyPASS, secunet and Bundesdruckerei have been contracted by Germany’s Federal Ministry of the Interior to handle the general roll-out of Automated Border Control Systems to German airports for the German Federal Police. Since 2014, nearly 260 eGates have been rolled out across Germany. Consistently refined over recent years in close cooperation with the Federal Police, they excel with their improved, intuitive user guidance and optimised anti-circumvention technology.

EasyPASS in Numbers (per July 2020)

Currently installed eGates

259 secunet easygates

Total number of users

> 94.464.000 passengers

The foundations for this simplified border control process were laid in 2009, when the EasyPASS pilot project was launched at Frankfurt Airport:

As the general contractor of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), secunet assumed responsibility for the planning, realisation and assessment of this project, and supplied and implemented the entire system. The supplied system also included the secunet biomiddle software platform, which provides the EasyPASS system with its characteristic adaptability. secunet actively supported the BSI and German Federal Police during the testing and development of this new and ground-breaking border control technology. In 2010, the EasyPASS system was adopted by the Federal Police Force as the standard border control process in Terminal 1 (Gate C) of Frankfurt Airport and has since been a permanent fixture of the Federal Police’s border control strategy.