German Federal Police

The German Federal Police Chooses SINA Workstation for the Mobile and Decentralised Workplaces

The German Federal Police has already inter-connected its sites with high security using SINA L3 Boxes (high-security VPN gateways) since 2002. The positive experience from this encouraged the customer to address other challenges – including the secure connection of mobile and decentralised workstations – using SINA.

The introduction of SINA Workstation S into the IT network of the German Federal Police began in 2011 with a pilot project which, following successful completion, served as the basis for the installation of the overall solution for regular operation. Since the initial roll-out, the German Federal Police has expanded the number of clients multiple times. While the initial need was to securely connect employees on overseas assignments and in decentralised work situations, SINA Workstation is also increasingly used in mobile applications for specific police applications today, such as identity checks and verifications.

The SINA Workstation S offers the employees of the German Federal Police a secure, modern and mobile workplace. The parallel operation of several guest systems enables users to work in different security domains – thus processing classified documents and using the internet at the same time. This allows the German Federal Police to work more effectively – and also more efficiently, as mobile and decentralised processes become faster thanks to the expanded opportunities available.

In the meantime more than 1,500 SINA Workstations S are in operation with the German Federal Police and the trend is risingIn order to reduce the effort associated with each extension the Federal Police is now using a central SINA Install Server that allows the fast roll-out of SINA Workstations in large volumes.

Further product extensions, such as migration from the SINA Install Server to the Remote Admin Server, are under consideration. This allows SINA workstations to be conveniently maintained and managed remotely. The German Federal Police is also continuing to test the use of other new SINA technologies