German Federal Police

Development of „Mobile Police Apps“ for efficient mobile police search and document checks

On behalf of the German Federal Police secunet developed several Police Apps allowing police searches of persons and objects as well as document verification in real time. The customer-specific so called “BPOL apps” are based on the software platform secunet biomiddle and – in this combination – they enable police officers to read and verify electronic identity documents on the go, for example, identity cards, passports or residence permits:

The police search app checks the necessary background systems and displays test results on the officer’s smartphone within a very short time. The document verification app performs a check based on reading the MRZ and the chip data. If police officers suspect a forgery, they can use the BPOL apps to send document information to a document specialist for further review, for example, the data page image or the results from the chip verification.

The process for mobile identity checks is now much more efficient thanks to the Apps. They are provided for Android devices used by the German Federal Police and are continuously enhanced with new features, such as face image comparison or fingerprint verification.