Federal Office for Information Security

The development of the Secure Inter-Network Architecture SINA

The German Federal Government's move from Bonn to Berlin and the growing requirements in terms of modern and secure office communication marked the birth of SINA. In 1999, the BSI started a project to secure IP-based networks by means of cryptographic security mechanisms.

Classified documents, which were previously kept in safes and transported by courier only under strictest secrecy, were now to be transmitted via the Internet and stored on desktops and notebooks. The particular challenge was to secure potentially insecure PC systems and networks in such a way that

  • the highest security was ensured,
  • the conversion and migration costs remained low
  • and users could readily work with the system.

Following initial, promising prototypes, the BSI was looking for an industry partner for the (further) development and production, and the corresponding tender was issued. secunet won the bid. Since that time, secunet and the BSI have worked in close collaboration on the concept design, development and evaluation of new SINA components. Our partners innotek, Rohde & Schwarz SIT, Siemens and S.I.E. have also contributed to the success of SINA products.