Czech Border Control Police

EasyGO: The Czech automated Border Control System


Since 2011, Czech Border Police have been operating ABC Gates at Vaclav Havel Airport Prague developed and provided by secunet. Because of the positive experience with a quicker and at the same time highly secure automated border control process, the Czech Border Police decided to extend the installation in 2015. Within the scope of this extension, secunet has delivered a total of 17 latest generation easygates as well as the supplemental Border Control Server, monitoring, supervisor and administrator applications.

The solution is further supplemented by the Terminal Control Center (TCC), a component of the secunet eID PKI Suite. The TCC connects the ABC Gates to the Czech ICAO/EAC-PKI, thus allowing a comprehensive verification of electronic ID documents. In close cooperation with its local partner V√ćTKOVICE IT Solutions, secunet was  responsible for integrating this solution into the existing border control infrastructure of the Czech Border Police and assists in the service, support and maintenance of the systems at Prague Airport.