Bürgerportal / De-Mail

As simple as e-mail, as secure as paper mail

The new De-Mail service, an initiative led by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI), will significantly simplify the day-to-day business of companies and public authorities and the everyday lives of citizens. By creating a protected communication space on the Internet, sending and receiving messages and documents will be as quick and easy as e-mail and as secure, confidential and binding as paper mail. Official documents such as invoices, account statements or administrative notices can therefore be sent and received online in a binding manner using De-Mail. With its dispatch and delivery options, De-Mail also contributes to improving the infrastructure for binding communication with public authorities within the framework of the EU Services Directive.

Since the beginning of the project, secunet experts have been providing intensive consulting support to the project team. In close cooperation with the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), secunet helped design the basic concept of De-Mail and the individual services and developed them further until they became technical guidelines. The certification and accreditation of service providers will be based on these guidelines. Intensive exchange with potential providers and users ensured that a demand-oriented solution was found. secunet also contributed its comprehensive expertise to the project pilot, which was carried out from October 2009 to March 2010.