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Secure Internet access in the business environment

PFERD is the leading brand for the development, manufacturing and consulting as well as the distribution of tool solutions for surface finishing and cutting of materials.

Behind the well-known tool brand PFERD stands August Rüggeberg GmbH & Co. KG with 1,870 employees worldwide, 8 production sites in Germany and abroad, 25 international sales companies around the globe and 5 sales offices in Germany. PFERD has been a family business for over 200 years and operates exclusively in the premium sector. The company not only attaches great importance to quality in tool production, but also in terms of security. In order to reliably protect employees' Internet access from malware, PFERD uses secunet safe surfer in all areas of the company - right up to management level. Unsecured Internet access is the biggest gateway for malware. The secunet safe surfer solution closes this loophole by allowing a browser to operate in a secure quarantine environment and, to a certain extent, control it remotely.

safe surfer terminal server cluster installations were set up at three international locations: Marienheide (Germany), Johannesburg (South Africa) and Melbourne (Australia). All servers are controlled centrally from Marienheide by a comprehensive management system. In addition, further international locations of the company are connected to the safe surfer system via the three locations mentioned. The infrastructure ensures smooth operation without any loss of performance. Thus, employees all over the world can work with the same latency as employees at the head office.

August Rüggeburg & Co. KG
"We searched the market for an adequate solution. The secunet safe surfer is unique. In addition, the feature set is extremely attractive for us, especially the central manageability via the management server."

Dipl. Inf. in general information technology and system/network administrator in the IT department of the company August Rüggeberg GmbH & Co. KG