Accelerator for Border Control

Border authorities are facing new chalĀ¬lenges to secure the land borders of the EU / Schengen area, while trends indicate a significant increase in border traffic. In freight transport, queuing times of several days have been experienced at some of these border crossings. However, travellers and freight forwarders alike require fast and convenient border crossing, prompting authorities to implement novel approaches to maintain or improve throughput at crossing points.

Together with its partner GoSwift, secunet recently initiated a new project designed to establish a quick and convenient border crossing at the land border between Estonia and Russia. While GoSwift is an expert in queue management and online planning, secunet is overseeing self-verification as part of the border control process. The aim of this project, dubbed ABG, is to prepare for the development of an automated border gate (ABG) service at land borders that will facilitate the work of border guards, ease the border-crossing process for travellers, and increase border-crossing point throughput without compromising security.

As part of this joint project with GoSwift, the self-service kiosk solution secunet easykiosk, which is currently being tested at Frankfurt airĀ¬port, has now been deployed at the Estonian-Russian border. The solution shifts the most time-consuming steps of the border control process to an earlier stage, thus relieving the border control officers from routine activities. The kiosk solution validates travel documents, collects biometric data and provides a user interface that enables travellers and lorry drivers to enter the required information themselves before proceeding to the border control counter. The design and content of the user interface have been modified according to the needs of the project.

The ABG project offers advantages to both travellers and border guards. For frequent travellers and freight forwarders, it will greatly facilitate the crossing of borders, significantly reducing queuing times. For border guards, the ABG project will increase the efficiency of the border control process, allowing them to focus on high risks tasks, while increasing throughput at the border-crossing point.