The Perfect Combination of Security, Convenience and Mobility

The modern workstation needs to be increasingly flexible. There are high expectations in terms of convenience, security and efficiency, all at the same time. But frequently convenience and productivity are significantly restricted by Internet usage provisions and the handling of data and documents - albeit that these are crucial to the necessary security.

With the SINA Tablet, you are ready to go, any time and anywhere - in the office, on a business trip, in the home office or in the conference room:

  • with an external monitor and large keyboard
  • in mobile mode with a plug-in keyboard
  • or in ultra-mobile mode with a touch screen.

You can have both security and convenience, online and offline, as you move at will around your trusted working environment. Connection to the office network means you always have access to all of your documents, so there is no need for time-consuming synchronisation of various devices.