Complete Administrative Tasks in the SINA Client Context Remotely and Automatically

The SINA Remote Admin Server S completes the tools required for SINA Client lifecycle administration: as well as rolling out SINA Workstation S and SINA Tablet S via the SINA Installserver S, SINA RAS can be used to make retroactive configurations to clients in the field. Whether you’re dealing with updates to SINA apps, modifying access permissions or setting up new network profiles, you can rethink how you manage your administration activities and handle your SINA-relevant admin tasks conveniently from your office.

Access your clients anywhere – you can configure all workstations and tablets from your own office. Regardless of whether you are in a branch office, at a colleague’s home office or on the move: the Remote Admin Server enables you to set up jobs in the form of tasks and run them on a staggered basis. This is aided by the integrated job tracking function that enables you to maintain an overview of the clients’ current activities. Each job reports its status with a time stamp, and defective jobs can also be intercepted and forwarded for subsequent correction.