As a VPN gateway, the SINA L3 Box is a key component of the central IT infrastructure in high-security networks. The data exchange between the SINA components is securely transmitted via encrypted VPN tunnels. SINA L3 Boxes connect public authority or corporate networks via the Internet. In addition, access to (terminal) servers by SINA clients is provided via pre-switched SINA L3 Boxes, which serve as cryptographic network accesspoints.

The holistic security concept of the SINA L3 Box comprises a secure SINA OS system platform, smart card technology, IPSec-protected communication and scaled and configured hardware compliant with approval standards.

The SINA L3 Boxes are approved in various configurations for the transmission of classified material up to and including German SECRET, NATO SECRET and
SECRET UE/EU SECRET. They are used, for example, to protect the IVBV and IVBB networks of the German Federal Administration or to ensure secure communication between all of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' German embassies and the central network nodes in Berlin and Bonn.