Nowadays internal and confidential data is exchanged between locations or computer centres of public authorities and companies primarily over public lines. As a consequence information can be read or manipulated using comparatively simple techniques. The resulting damage in terms of trust, image and cost is still vastly underestimated.

Supplementing the SINA L3 Box active at network layer 3 (IP), SINA L2 Box line encryptors enable a secure exchange of information between networks at network
layer 2. The components can be integrated into existing network infrastructures without reconfiguration and reach data transmission speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s.
The SINA L2 Boxes are approved for the transmission of classified data belonging to the classification levels German RESTRICTED, NATO RESTRICTED and EU RESTRICTED.

The new SINA L2 Box H 1G

The SINA L2 Box H 1G is an Ethernet encryptor for national and international high-security networks based on the SINA L3 Box H 200M product line. At present, a German SECRET-level approval for classified informationhas been issued for the device on a project-specific basis. In the wake of functional security enhancements to the device, a type approval for classifications up to and including German SECRET is expected to be issued in 2018. High international approvals are also sought.