Security and Convenience Growing Together

The modern workplace needs to be increasingly flexible.There are high expectations in terms of convenience, security and efficiency. However, the reality often looks quite different: regulations regarding internet use and the daily handling of data and documents which serve the required security often are at the expense of convenience and productivity.

With the SINA Workstation as a desktop, notebook or tablet, you can have both security and convenience, online and offline, as you move at will around your trusted working environment. At the same time, you will always have access to data and documents from your working environment: you can use all the functions of your familiar applications and apps, such as email, word processing, presentation slides, spread sheets etc. from anywhere in the world. With a voice and video conference system, you can conduct conversations in real time and your telephone set will become redundant, thus enabling you to reduce telephone costs. Thanks to the tablet's handwriting recognition feature, you always have your notepad with you. Enjoy the mobility and flexibility of your familiar workstation as well as the additional benefit of constant security with the SINA Workstation.