secunet SBC – the future of telephony

Germany is shutting down ISDN in 2020 and switching completely to Voice-over-IP telephony (VoIP telephony). This creates new threat vectors for undetected penetration in the internal network. The secunet Session Border Controller solves this problem by filtering audio and video protocols such as SIP or RTP.

secunet SBC reliably guards the entrance to your network and can be transparently implemented into any existing IT infrastructure. SBC works in an isolated container on our high-performance firewall secunet wall, which functions as a secure platform. This architecture enables complete protection and filtering of data streams at the network, transport, voice and application levels.

The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) confirms the trustworthiness and exceptional quality of the solution: secunet SBC is currently undergoing the CC EAL 4+ certification process by the BSI under the certification identification BSI-DSZ-CC-1089.