An ideal connection

secunet safe surfer SINA combines the two security technologies of secunet safe surfer and SINA workstation. The SINA quarantine system is available as a guest system for the SINA workstation, while the SINA architecture provides secure separation and communication between the quarantine system and the sensitive workstation system. As dictated by the ReCoBS principle, only image and audio data are transmitted through the channel that joins the two guest systems. Opening the browser window via the ReCoBS application does not differ than local browser usage, so the user does not have to change his previous usage habits.

As opposed to isolated internet PCs or virtual surfing environments, the data lock is flexible and allows the user to carry on using all the usual browser functions, such as downloading, printing and uploading, without compromising security. The security functions can be finely configured to user requirements from the central ReCoBS Admin Server through a role concept linked to the directory service. The quarantine system is cleaned up on each reboot, it also starts from a fixed system image and thus cannot be manipulated. However, the user settings (e.g. bookmarks) are synchronised and remain always available to the user.