Secure Key Management

With the eID PKI for Automotive, secunet offers a tried and tested, very flexible product as the foundation for cryptographic control systems for automotive. PKI systems for automotive applications with various supported certification formats can be developed in the same way as crypto key management with hardware security modules and centralised provision of cryptographic basic functions, such as strong random numbers or decryption or encryption functions.

Well-known applications for safeguarding automotive electronics, such as secure flashing of control units, software over the air, diagnostics safeguards and secure on-board network communication (SecOc), secure smart charging communication (ISO 15118) etc. can be implemented in the same way as new and future tasks concerning data services, mobility services or Car2Car communication. Different standard-based interfaces are available for the integration, including a REST interface for service-oriented architectures.

Product-Based Solutions

secunet integrates customer requirements as feature requests into the product planning process, includes them into the roadmap and realises the as part of the agile secunet product development process. That way, customers can benefit from new functionalities developed as part of software updates which will become relevant in the industry.

Individual extensions and functions previously only implemented as specialised applications can also be realised through workflows on the basis of the product. This approach reduces the usually required share of project-specific software which in turn helps to optimise the implementation plan as well as the associated expenditures.

We fulfil the quality requirements of the industry regarding security by a security-by-design approach, dedicated reliable support as well as common criteria evaluation of relevant components. IT requirements and operational needs are mapped through the support of data-processing centre technologies in the area of operating systems, high availability and monitoring.