Fast Border Control with the Smart Borders Kiosk

The perfect complement to the secunet easygate

secunet easykiosk accelerates the entry process in the first control line and alleviates capacity problems resulting from the ever-increasing number of passengers at border controls. The automated pre-registration and control of identity data ensures an optimal balance between fast and comfortable passenger processing and national border security.

secunet easykiosk – well proven, modular as usual

secunet easykiosk can be optimally integrated with secunet easygate (secunet's eGate system, which has been rolled out across Germany within the EasyPASS project) and benefits from its proven system architecture. Just like all secunet border control solutions, secunet easykiosk is straightforward and thanks to the modular approach, it adapts easily to individual requirements and purposes.

The questionnaire for the entry survey, for example, or the components used for capturing the biometric data can be flexibly defined. Its modularity and intuitive, non-verbal user interface make secunet easykiosk an ideal Automated Passport Control (APC) Kiosk.

secunet easykiosk

  • increases number of processed passengers from border control´s perspective.
  • ensures shorter wait times and transparent entry and exit from passenger´s perspective.
  • improves the passenger processing and service quality for travellers from the airport’s perspective.