Fast Border Control with the Smart Borders Kiosk

The perfect complement to the secunet easygate

While secunet easygates allow citizens of the EU, EEA and CH at many airports in Europe to cross borders faster through automated processes, the self-service system secunet easykiosk enhances the processing of third-country nationals (TCN). With the introduction of the entry/exit system (EES), this will play a pivotal role at Europe´s air, land and sea borders.  

High Secure, easy-to-use, 100% EES-ready

secunet easykiosk accelerates the entry process in the first control line and alleviates capacity problems resulting from the ever-increasing number of passengers at border controls. The automated pre-registration and checking of identity data ensures an optimal balance between fast and comfortable passenger processes and national border security.

secunet easykiosk already supports the strict requirements for the EES with regards to biometric image quality and its unique set of security measures: The ABC kiosk offers high quality capture of facial images in accordance with ISO requirements and with the EU Regulation as well as the highest level of security through advanced liveness and spoofing detection plus several surveillance features.

It allows third country nationals to pre-register their own data before approaching the border control booth. The essentially non-verbal user navigation makes the kiosk practically suitable for the use anywhere in the world and thanks to its modularity the automated process can be flexibly designed to meet any scenario.