Digitization in the hospital - with highest security!

Digital infrastructures and modern medical IT solutions are to be further expanded in hospitals. To this end, the innovation and hospital structure funds will be continued with state funding.
Drawing from the KHZG:
Subsidies for investments in the future

Digital infrastructures and modern medical IT solutions are to be further expanded in hospitals. To this end, the innovation and hospital structure funds will be continued with state subsidies.

Special regulations apply to hospitals that are classified as critical infrastructures (KRITIS) under the KRITIS Ordinance of the German Federal Office for Information Security. They were already provided with funds to improve IT security in the Hospital Structure Fund Ordinance before the Hospital Future Act (KHZG). The main objective of the KHZG's funding provisions is now to strengthen medical care - with the inclusion of IT security: 15% is earmarked for IT security in every funding project. In addition, there is a separate IT security funding category for non-KRITIS hospitals.

Eligible projects that we support with security

Our portfolio serves various IT security funding categories. In addition, secunet products in medical or procedural areas ensure a secure infrastructure for the respective overall solution.


Digital infrastructures and the associated flow of information offer many advantages for patients and healthcare providers. However, the increased networking of more and more devices also harbors new dangers. With secunet medical connect, you can optimally protect sensitive patient data and your infrastructure from manipulation and other attack vectors.

The transfer of highly sensitive data between the various stakeholders (e.g., service recipients, care or rehabilitation facilities, or the payers) requires a high level of security and trustworthiness.

With secunet medical connect you secure the transmission of your data.

Confidentiality, integrity and availability are basic principles of IT security. secunet medical connect and SecuStack secure documentation work independent of the application - both through trusted execution environments during capture and through highly secure isolation in the data centers.

Decision support systems can only be used to their full extent if the technology is handled with trust. secunet medical connect and SecuStack ensure secure processing of data and the protected execution of systems - even in the event of possible influence by a malicious actor.

Cloud-based applications are subject to special security requirements. Medical applications and their providers must ensure particularly high-security standards in the processing of sensitive data or data of medical processes. Here, secunet Cloud provides support based on SecuStack, the secure cloud OS.

The certified and approved secunet konnektor is already the entry point to TI in over 83,000 implementations. Now it is up to hospitals to integrate TI specialist services in various deployment scenarios and complex operating environments. The journey begins - secunet supports with products, further developments and consulting.

secunet supports the implementation of relevant security standards (ISMS, DSGVO, B3S) as well as technically and organizationally required security measures resulting from risk management. Get an overview of the security products and services:

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