Security Document World 2009: <br>secunet biomiddle in EU visa application process

The European Union is currently setting up a central management system for processing EU visa applications. Apart from personal data, the system will also record biometrical features of the applicants. At SDW 2009, secunet and NEC will demonstrate the application process for an EU visa. All steps will be realistically simulated, from the application, including fingerprinting, and comparison of the data with the database, through to visa issue and verification at a border control. All process steps use secunet biomiddle.
The M.I.C.C - the"Mobile Information & Communication Center" by T-Systems shows that secunet biomiddle is also flexible and platform-independent. All devices for a stationary border control are accommodated in a suitcase: a notebook with secunet biomiddle, a fingerprint scanner, a scanner for the machine readable zone of identification documents and an RFID scanner.
The Security Document World 2009 trade fair and conference focuses on secure documents, electronic passports, eID, border controls and anti-counterfeiting technologies. It will take place on March 26 and 27 at Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Westminster, London. You will find secunet at booth C13.