secunet strengthens Industrial Security product portfolio

The industrial sector needs systems for secure networking (Protect), connection to internal and external IT services (Connect), as well as simultaneous monitoring of communications (Detect) of machines (Cyber Physical Systems). For machine manufacturers, operators and system integrators, secunet edge offers the ideal solution, specially designed for industrial systems and environments. The patented hardware/software appliance is based on the recommendations set forth in the ISA99/IEC 62443 leading standard for security in industrial automation.

Beside micro-segmentation and the isolation of machines, secunet edge focuses on secure connectivity. The integrated protocol translator allows the system to switch from unsecured communications protocols to secure protocols for data transfer on IT networks. In addition, the platform concept provides a secure execution environment for applications. Typical application scenarios include remote maintenance, data pre-processing (edge computing), and the flexible integration of operator services. External services such as IoT platforms are also extensively supported.

The integrated Secure Element, a permanently built-in tamper-proof chip, allows for the secure storage and use of cryptomechanisms in various application scenarios. This means that data encryption and integrity protection for control data, for example, can be implemented at a high security level, and also allows for the identification of machine communications or the authentication of remote access.

Thanks to its flexible design, secunet edge is not only suitable for use in its focal area of industry, but can also be used to connect devices in the field of medical IoT, in the production, financial and energy sectors and also in the area of public transport, smart buildings and military applications.